Custom umbrellas in Van Nuys

Shade is a valued commodity, especially during the hotter months. If your backyard, outside dining area, or pool deck needs shade and can’t fit an awning, a custom umbrella is perfect for you! Put shade exactly where it’s needed with a unique, stylish umbrella from Van Nuys Awning Co.® Protect your diners from the intense midday sun, give your pool patrons a break from the UV rays, or add a touch of color not normally seen with our custom umbrellas. Each one is made from durable, weather resistant fabrics that are guaranteed to last for years. Spruce up any area while adding elegance and style with any of our custom umbrellas.

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The Van Nuys Awning Co. has serviced the Van Nuys area of California for over 100 years. We can provide your home or business with a custom canopy, slide on wire awning, dome awning, or any of our customizable designs. Contact us to get started on your custom awning today.