Custom storefront awnings in Van Nuys

Does your business just need that little something to help it stand out? A storefront awning from Van Nuys Awning Co.® may be just the thing to help your business get noticed and take off!

Made from high-quality materials, such as high-grade aluminum and fire-resistant awning fabric, a custom storefront awning can look good in front of any commercial space. Whether it’s a simple, single color awning or a colorfully custom walkway awning, we can make the perfect storefront area to help your company get your name well across town. Each one is specifically made for your company’s needs and can incorporate custom awning graphics, custom colors, specific materials or anything else you may want to use to market your business. Keep scrolling to see previous storefront builds we’ve created for other companies found here in the Van Nuys area.

Here at Van Nuys Awning Co. we specialize in all kinds of custom awnings, including commercial awnings, patio shades, and much more. Contact us to get started on building your custom awning today.

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