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Custom Entrance Canopies & Awnings in Los Angeles, CA and the Tri-Counties

Looking for a way to drive more business to your company with a permanent fixture that will also add value and convenience to your establishment? Then an entrance awning from the Van Nuys Awning Co.® is perfect for you. With a custom outdoor awning from Van Nuys, you’ll add a permanent piece to your building that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. You’ll be able to completely customize your walkway awning with your choice of design, colors, and materials, and you can even add things like custom awning graphics and drop-roll shades for even more benefits.

See how a custom made entrance walkway awning can help your company, see what kind of options you’ll get here at Van Nuys, and learn about the areas we serve. You can also see examples of our work to see what we can do for you and to get some ideas for your custom project. Contact the Van Nuys Awning Co. to get your free quote and to get started on your custom walkway awning today.

Benefits of an Entrance Canopy

All of the custom outdoor solutions from the Van Nuys Awning Co. have many benefits for any outdoor space they’re applied to. However, a custom entryway awning offers some serious benefits for both companies and their customers alike. As soon as your awning is installed you’ll notice an immediate difference. Keep reading to see some of the benefits of a custom entrance awning from Van Nuys.

Brand Awareness

Sometimes it can be hard for people to find your company, especially if you’re in an area with lots of competition. A custom entrance and walkway awning from Van Nuys will help your company stand out from your neighbors and the competition. You’ll also get some of the best marketing in town when you add your company name and logo to your walkway awning.

Energy Savers

Tired of spending hundreds on cooling and heating your business? A custom entrance awning from the Van Nuys Awning Co. can help you save money on your electric bills every single month. Our custom awnings reduce sun exposure, helping to keep your company cooler in the warmer months, while trapping heat in the cooler months. Custom awnings from Van Nuys have been proven to reduce heat gain up to 77 percent!


The elements can be pretty rough at times here in sunny California. Protect your customers from sun exposure, rain, and more with a custom built entrance awning from the Van Nuys Awning Co. Not only will your customers be delighted to finally be in front of your business, but they’ll be safe from the elements while they do so.

Get these benefits and more when you get a custom walkway awning from the Van Nuys Awning Co. Contact us today and get a free estimate for your custom project.

Our Canopy Materials

An awning is only good as the craftsmanship and materials behind it. When you partner with the experts at the Van Nuys Awning Co., you’re hiring the best awning craftsmen around. You’re also sure to get the best materials for your entrance walkway, as we partner with companies that provide us with high-quality materials, fabrics, motors, and more. Keep reading to see some of the companies we partner with in order to build the best walkway awnings in the Los Angeles area.


Sunbrella fabrics are some of the highest quality awning fabrics on the market to date. Their fabrics give complete UV protection and were even awarded the “Seal of Recommendation” from The Skin Cancer Foundation, which is a global organization that helps educate and prevent all types of skin cancers. Because of their amazing UV protective qualities and the fact that these fabrics are resistant to water, fading, and rot, Sunbrella fabrics are some of our most popular awning materials.


Because of our dry climate, Californians have to worry about fires year-round. If you’re looking for a durable, fire-resistant option for your awning fabric, then Firesist is the perfect choice for you. These fabrics are made for commercial awning of all kinds. Firesist fabrics meet some of the strictest fire rating requirements that are needed for all commercial awnings. Get fire and UV-resistant awning fabrics with Firesist and the Van Nuys Awning Co.

More Companies We Partner With:

  • Gatorshield
  • Expert Somfy®
  • Awntex
  • Gore Tenara
  • Comtex
  • And more!

Get the best custom made entrance awning with high-quality materials from the Van Nuys Awning Co. Contact us today to get started on your project.

Areas We Serve:

With in-house design, fabrication, and production, the experts at the Van Nuys Awning Co. make some of the best commercial and residential awnings you’ll ever see. Keep scrolling to see what the professional awning makers at Van Nuys can do for your company, with a custom walkway awning made just for your business. Contact the Van Nuys Awning Co. today to get your free quote and to get started on your custom entrance awning.

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