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Deck Awnings and Canopies in Los Angeles and the Tri-County Area

California is the perfect option for those who love sunny skies with the year-round sun and warm temperatures, at least compared to many other parts of the country. One of the best ways to beat that California heat while also adding some value to your home is with a deck awning. Here at Van Nuys Awning Co., the top-rated awning manufacturers in the greater Los Angeles area, we can help create the perfect custom awning for your home. Our residential awning experts will work with you in order to design and create the awning you’ve always wanted for your home. Keep scrolling to learn more about our residential awning solutions, or contact Van Nuys Awning Co to answer any questions and to get started on your project with a free estimate today.

Residential Awnings We Can Create:

  • Retractable awnings
  • Patio covers
  • Custom deck covers
  • Slide wire canopies
  • Custom outdoor curtains
  • Window, door and porch awnings
  • And more!

Who Is Van Nuys Awning Co?

Van Nuys Awning Co is the top-rated awning company in the greater Los Angeles area. Our company has been providing high-quality custom awnings to the amazing people of Van Nuys and the surrounding cities for over 100 years. Committed to excellence, our awning manufacturing is all done in-house. From design to fabrication, we can create the awning you’ve always wanted for your home. While we may have moved to our current location at Newbury Park, we still provide some of the best awnings for everyone in the Los Angeles area. Whether you’re looking for a simple window awning, or something a little more custom, our experts are always ready to help you.

Benefits Of Deck Awnings

Awnings are the perfect complement to any home. Whether you get a window awning or a custom patio shade, your awning will provide you with benefits you may not even have known were possible. Keep reading to learn more about some of the benefits you can take advantage of when you get a custom awning from Van Nuys Awning Co.

Lower Energy Bills

Are you tired of dealing with outrageously high energy bills every month? Custom awnings from Van Nuys Awning Co are the perfect way to start saving on your energy bills. Without an awning or window covering, the heat emitted by the sun can easily penetrate the glass on your window or door, causing your home to slowly become warmer and warmer throughout the day. Our custom residential awnings can help reduce the amount of solar heat that can enter your house, making your home cooler overall. Awnings have been shown to reduce annual cooling costs up to 23%, helping you save money and stay cool all year long.

Reduce Sun Damage

Similar to our last point, the sun can do a lot of damage to your home. Unfortunately, while we enjoy the sun nearly all year-round here in bright California, it can cause damage to things that we enjoy both inside and outside our homes. Ultraviolet (UV) rays emitted from the sun can cause sun damage to things like furniture, artwork, pictures, outdoor fixtures, and more. With a custom awning, you can protect your home from UV rays that could cause irreparable damage to the interior and exterior of your property. Our awnings and awning fabrics are UV-blocking, which helps prevent those potentially damaging rays from ever reaching your property.

Entertainment Opportunities

Have you ever wanted to host the perfect house party, but your home gets a little too warm during the day? A custom awning from Van Nuys Awning Co is the perfect solution for your party woes. Our deck awnings can cover any space you need them to and can be made to match any aesthetic you were looking for. In the event that it does rain, you can keep the party going under your custom awning. You can even use your awning to hang lights, helping the party last all the way through the night. If you like entertaining outdoors, then a custom awning from our top-rated awning manufacturers is just what you need.

Learn more about the benefits of custom awnings, or contact Van Nuys Awning Co to get started on your residential awning project with a free estimate.

Types Of Awnings We Make

Here at Van Nuys Awning Co, we are experts at making all kinds of custom awnings. Our designers can take an abstract idea and turn it into reality, providing you with the awning of your dreams. Keep reading to view just a few of the different awnings types that we can create for your home.

Retractable Awnings

One of the most popular residential awnings, retractable awnings are versatile and can be highly customizable. You can get a custom retractable awning for the side of your home, a backyard patio, your pool area, a mobile home or RV, and countless other applications. Made with high-quality materials, our retractable awnings are built to last for years with little maintenance needed. Choose your preferred awning materials, select a custom design, and add any extra features, such as a motor or drop-roll screen shade, and you’ll have everything you need. Learn more about our custom retractable awnings to see if they’re the right option for your home.

Patio Covers

Perfect for backyards, balconies, restaurants, or any outdoor area you need to be covered. Each patio covering is customizable to your needs. You can pick the size, material, and even the color of your custom patio shade. We can install your new patio cover wherever you like. Give us a call today for a free estimate!

Slide Wire Canopies

If you want shade with the functionality of a retractable awning, look no further than our slide on wire canopy system. Each one is fully customizable so you can get the length, color, and material you’ve been imagining. Slide wire cable awnings are attractive, long-standing patio blinds that have been popular in Europe and are becoming more common in modern building designs, landscape design, and creative renovation projects. The cloth is stretched out in a series of long parallel panels fastened to cables above. Learn more about our slide wire canopies to see what our company can build for your property.

Ready to get started on your custom project? The experts here at Van Nuys Awning Co are ready to get started. Contact us to answer any questions you may have about our company and our awning design process, and be sure to get a quote for your deck awning today!



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