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Gennius A2C

The Gennius A2C is a beautiful pergola in all seasons.

KE enjoy the outdoors

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Gennius A2C


The Gennius A2C is a beautiful pergola in all seasons. The tensioned fabric is sealed against the patented side rails with a double gasket to direct rainwater into a system of integrated gutters and downspouts. Structural rafter and post columns are engineered with strong, extruded aluminum profiles, making A2C durable, wind-resistant and easy to install.

Width dimensions in a single unit go up to 42’8”. Widths greater than 14’9” require additional guide rails and posts. Projection dimensions go up to 26’3”.


Fabric Options – 3-ply waterproof construction

  • Ferrari 602 is a waterproof blackout fabric that can block 100% of damaging and uncomfortable UV light and heat and prevents the visible shadow of debris such as leaves and twigs that can accumulate on the roof.
  • Ferrari 502 is a waterproof semi-translucent fabric that comes in a variety of colors.
  • Ferrari W96 is a clear coated waterproof mesh for when transparency is desired.

Slope is essential to properly manage rainwater. Complete your outdoor space with optional integrated zippered drop screens that can be operated either manually or motorized. Fabric options include sunscreen mesh or crystal-clear vinyl. 

Gennius A2C is available in Single Freestanding, Double Freestanding or top-mounted configurations.

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