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Autumn is Coming: 4 Ways to Decorate a Dull Patio in Fall

by | Sep 14, 2021 | Awnings, Blog, Patio Covers

Pumpkins, for Autumn? Groundbreaking. Welcoming fall and appreciating its added breeze is always something to celebrate. With the holidays right around the corner, it is the best season to start decorating your homes in preparation for what’s to come. However, instead of placing pumpkins around your home as you did in the past few years, why not experiment with other decorations to make this year special?

  • Touches of Orange

Autumn is well-represented by the color orange. As the trees and leaves turn dry before winter approaches, everything seems to turn orange all of a sudden. Why not match the surrounding dominant colors with decorations that support or complement it for an unexpected twist?

For example, instead of going for the same shade, why not go the opposite route? If everything around you is orange, the colors blue and brown will make the perfect complement. The shade doesn’t matter, but if the leaves around your home are too dark, choose a lighter shade for your complementary colors. Meanwhile, if the leaves are slightly on the side of a brighter orange, go dark for your complementing shades.

  • Magnificent Mums

Chrysanthemums, also called mums by florists, are a great touch to add to your patio. The flower is available in dozens of exciting varieties and colors, so matching your current decorations shouldn’t be too challenging. The sheer number of brightly colored flowers per plant is a favorite for filling porch pots and flower beds.

Large mounds of white mums can be arranged to make a visual impact in fall gardens. If you prefer to add more appeal to the curb, choose one color, white, for emphasis. The flowers will take at least four weeks to bloom, enough time if you’re planting them early on. Although they will rest during winter, mums will bloom again as soon as spring kicks in.

  •  Fountain Grass

Fountain grass is a mound-forming ornamental grass and garden favorite. The cascading leaves on the plant have a fountain-like appearance, hence the name. They are ideal for every space as they grow without being invasive. The fountain grass can be used alone as a specimen plant or on a border alongside other perennials.

Red or purple fountain grass has become increasingly popular in landscape design in the past decade. It’s most attractive in early autumn, as they are in bloom during the season. If you’re adding fountain grass on your patio or garden, it will look best if it surrounds other plants to form a striking vignette. As the season transitions into fall, simply add Halloween props to get in the season’s vibe.

  • Sweet Potato Vine Covering

Sweet potatoes are considered icons during autumn. Primarily used on Thanksgiving as a side dish, they can also serve as decorations while growing for the occasion. Sweet potato vines have variants that produce either green or dark violet leaves—both are ideal for adding or complementing the current colors in an autumn patio or garden.

Although the plant only grows in some climates, it works well as autumn ground covers or hanging planters. At the end of the Halloween season, the plant becomes a feast for the eyes for its vibrant colors. 


Decorating a patio or garden for Fall shouldn’t be the same way every year. Instead, try to switch things up and wait for people to notice. If you stand out from the neighborhood due to your unique sense of style, then it may be enough reason to decorate every year with different types!

Patio covers can also add a classic touch to fall decorations. If you’re looking for custom patio covers in Southern California, Van Nuys Awning can take your designs and make them a reality. Give us a call today, and we’ll give you a quote for your design. We are located in Newbury Park, CA.

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