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Ways Visual Merchandising Increases Your Store Sales

by | Feb 8, 2022 | Awnings, Blog

There’s a reason why customers prefer seeing a product before buying it, apart from holding and testing the item, of course. That reason boils down to visual merchandising. Whether it is an attractive shelf setup in a store, a row of awnings in full display, or the large mangoes placed on top of the pile at a street stall, they always catch consumers’ attention. No matter how large or small the store, businesses put effort into designing their displays to catch one’s eye.

It’s important to consider visual marketing and how displaying your merchandise can increase your sales long-term.

You Need Exterior Signs

Signs help identify a location. A logo should be recognizable from a distance of 200 meters and should be 8 inches tall. Exterior signs help a viewer to know what the business is producing.

For example, expensive and lavish logo signs indicate luxury products sold inside. Here a business’s role doesn’t stop at just the business logo; more than one catchy and straightforward keyword can be used in the sign to give an understanding of the retail store. 

You must ensure exterior signs have no damage with the utmost care, especially when cleaning and maintaining them regularly. Damaged or faded signs might hurt the store’s image and prevent a customer from entering inside.

Planograms Help, Too

This is a blueprint retailers use to organize their products to make the product and its price visible. It is an international language of product presentation and shelf space; it helps retailers ensure their products are positioned to keep their customers happy. 

If the retailer has chain stores, this is a terrific way to ensure all staff members follow the same guidelines when arranging products, which helps customers find what they are looking for quickly every time they enter a store.

So Do Props

Dress up your kiosks with these unique elements to give a feeling of reality to the displayed products, like props in a play. For example, a winter theme will be supported by dried leaves, snowflakes, etc., which are used as a backdrop for the product. They are generally related to the products being sold, but they can be considered props that help breathe life into products, which otherwise might look dull.

Awnings Do More Than Protect Against the Weather

Awnings are sun shelters that provide protection from the weather and reduce glare so that people can see the inside of a store more clearly. When awnings are well maintained, they help make the store look presentable, appealing, and worthy of people’s trust. Just ensure they don’t block the store’s signs, such as hanging from an overhead pole with an attached sign.

Never Forget Your Interiors

With approximately 70 percent of purchasing decisions made in-store, your business needs to retain its interior decorations. These project a store’s image, motivate customers to buy, and keep store expenses at a minimum. 

The theme used in the exterior decoration should be carried through into store design to give customers a consistent experience. Excessive advertising and promotions will become pointless if store design is not considered when in-store advertisements happen, like the products that fill shelves, how they are positioned, and how they are lit.  Remember: interior design is a powerful advertising strategy to make a sale happen. Use it well; use it wisely.

To Conclude

The tips above will help your products catch your customers’ attention inside your store. Visual merchandising is the art and science of making your storefront look attractive to potential buyers. Be competitive and increase your sales by giving more importance to visual merchandising.

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