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Why You Should Update Your Property with Hotel Cabanas

by | Mar 22, 2022 | Awnings, Blog

When it comes to luxury and high-class hospitality, hotel cabanas have long been a sign of luxury and sophistication for all-inclusive resorts. These facilities create a VIP experience for guests by adding impactful amenities to your hotel and creating a premium feel to the property with its awnings. 

However, the benefits of upgrading your property with cabanas go far beyond their aesthetics, as they boost revenue and improve the overall experience for your guests. Read on to know more!

They Build Loyalty

Businesses within the hospitality industry have discovered the power of loyalty programs. In today’s competitive market, using discount tools to encourage loyalty from returning guests is gaining traction. We are all trying to keep from being left behind as an industry, so why not offer a free day in a poolside cabana as a unique giveaway for your return guests? 

Whether you plan to implement a loyalty program or create other discounts, the first step is to consider how the marketing initiative will affect your property. Populate your loyalty program with the most applicable values based on your analysis of your target audience. If they need a covered area each time they visit your property, a cabana is a perfect way to earn their loyalty.

They Draw Customers

Like how a real estate listing is enhanced by keywords that signal a certain caliber of luxury, hotel cabanas can be vital to attracting upscale guests, especially with its front-porch awnings. 

Conversely, the cabanas can be presented as the ultimate family-friendly amenity if you want to attract families. It’s all about the presentation.

They Generate More Income

Many hotel owners are lowering room rates to stay competitive while still needing to generate the same or more profits (to stay in business). They are doing this by selling cabana rentals to their guests. Selling VIP cabana rentals gives them much-needed extra revenue and encourages guests to stay on their property for a longer time – driving more food and drinks sales and other purchases.

In addition, the hotel business remains positive because cabanas offer a similar high-end experience as regular hotel rooms without the high costs!

They Improve Marketing

Potential guests want to know what their on-site experience will be like – beyond having a place to lay their heads at night. Giving away hotel cabanas as promotional gifts or holding contests for hotel cabana access shows that you’re going that extra mile for your clients. 

Promote them on social media, and host on-site cross-promotions with other vendors. The marketing support hotel cabanas can offer is only limited by your imagination.

They Make Your Property Look Unique

Hotels, resorts, and other businesses in the hospitality industry are one of the world’s most competitive — but providing services that make you stand out from the competition is essential. For example, most hotels have a pool. But displaying photos of guests enjoying butler services in a private cabana with its outdoor awning for additional luxury makes you stand out from your competitors. 

They Protect Your Guests

Nothing ruins a tropical vacation like a trip to the hospital because of severe sunburn or heat exhaustion. Both of these health problems are severe threats for visitors in hot climates. Cabanas, which are structures in which guests can stay sheltered from direct sunlight, help protect them and ensure they’ll have a safe and healthy stay on your property. What’s more, you can add awnings to the front area for even more protection against harsh weather conditions!

Upgrade with Hotel Cabanas Today

Hotel cabanas are a great way to take your business to the next level. You can boost your bottom line and gain loyal guests by planning your marketing strategy, business model, and finances. Adding cabanas to your hotel property is an investment that will help you stand out from your competitors and skyrocket your sales and profits. 

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