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The Best Awnings For Any Outdoor Area

Awnings are some of the best things you can add to any outdoor area. They provide shade and protect those underneath from the intense UV rays the sun casts down here in Van Nuys and the greater Los Angeles area. They can also help lower your electric bill by stopping those same sun rays from entering your home, by helping to cool your house from the outside. On top of all this, they add amazing aesthetics to any home or business. In today’s blog, the Van Nuys Awning Co., the providers of the best custom awnings in Van Nuys, will go over some of the awnings you can get on your property that can benefit you and your guests the most.


Canopies are some of the most popular awnings all around the world. You can add them to so many different outdoor areas and use them in so many different ways that a canopy is almost a must-have if you’re a home or business owner. You can put your canopy next to your pool area, then add drapes or outdoor awning fabric to create the perfect shaded oasis next to your pool or spa. Put one in your backyard over a table, then decorate them with your favorite lights for a fun outdoor kitchen area. Place them in gardens to get the perfect amount of sunshine, or install a drip system on your canopy to help with watering. The possibilities are almost endless.

Retractable Awnings

Tired of having to move from one place or another in order to get comfortable? Want to offer your customers the option of covered or uncovered outdoor seating? With a retractable awning, you’ll be able to do just that! With retractable shades made from durable, UV stopping outdoor fabrics, you can customize your retractable awning as you see fit throughout the day or whenever you’re outside. You can even fold up your awning whenever inclement weather shows up to protect your awning and your awning fabric.

Sun Shade Sail Panel

A unique take on traditional awnings, these sun shades aren’t your run of the mill awnings. Made from durable outdoor fabrics, sun shade sail panels are usually just attached to an aluminum pole or two, or they can be anchored to a building with heavy duty tethers and hooks. Because these awnings don’t have to be a certain shape in order to support the weight of other physical materials, designers can make fun and interesting shapes out of the awning fabric. Sun shade sail panels are perfect for homes, commercial buildings, parks, or just about anywhere.

Patio Shade

Custom patio shades can be designed to fit just about any outdoor area, patio, deck, and more. Patio shade designs can be as simple as a rectangle propped up by a metal bar, or you can create custom designs and shapes to fit your specific outdoor area perfectly. Perfect for restaurants with patio sections as well as homes with roomy backyards, patio shades can help protect just about any patio lover from harmful UV rays and inclement weather.


The cabana is an icon in pool areas and patios all over the world. Smaller and more intimate than canopies, the cabana offers shade and privacy from others while still being in a fun, social environment. You can even close some cabanas, making them private club houses for a select few people. With fixed and retractable overhead options, you can catch a few rays or Zs without being disturbed, or open things up and let everyone join in on the fun. Cabanas look great in backyards, pool areas, and patios for clubs, restaurants, and bars.

Get custom awnings in Los Angeles

Here at the Van Nuys Awning Co., we offer the best custom awnings in Van Nuys and the greater Los Angeles area. We have several custom awnings to choose from, such as cabanas, canopies, retractable awnings, patio shades, and much more! We can create the perfect custom awning for your company, pool area, patio, or backyard. Learn more about our custom awning company, view our online awning gallery to get ideas for your custom project, or contact the Van Nuys Awning Co. today to answer any questions and to get started on building your custom awning.

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