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How to Shade a South-Facing Patio

by | Jun 20, 2023 | Patio Covers

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We know the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. However, the slight tilt of the planet also affects how much northern or southern sunlight you get. In California, the earth’s summertime tilt means that south-facing surfaces get more sunlight.

You can spend a lot of time enjoying your southern backyard, but the temperatures can get overbearing. Many homeowners don’t know how to shade a south-facing patio to benefit from sunny weather without suffering from the heat. 

Van Nuys Awning Co. has specialized in custom canvas coverings, such as shade sail installation in Los Angeles, for over 100 years. We have several ideas so you can get the best out of your outdoor seating area.

Garden Umbrellas

Tried, true, and a mainstay of outdoor restaurant seating, garden umbrellas can provide substantial shading. While they tend to be weak against the wind, these tools are still a good option for fending off extreme heat.

While you can leave them in their upright position, other models allow you to angle the top. If you angle your garden umbrella toward the sun, it can block a wider area from the sun’s rays.

Canopy Tents

Much like garden umbrellas, canopy tents give you a temporary option for blocking the sun from outdoor seating. You can install them in any place you choose for instant overhead protection. 

Manufacturers usually make them with thin metal rods with a durable, tarp-like cloth to cover the top. Canopy tents tend to be lightweight, making them easy to transport to any part of your south-facing yard.


Pergolas and canopies occasionally get confused with each other, but canopies are a temporary solution, while pergolas are more permanent. Often composed of wood and other sturdy materials, these constructs show you how to shade a south-facing patio in style. 

Some versions can stand alone, but you can also get a pergola that attaches to your home. Unlike other shading options, pergolas are exceptionally adaptable and can last in any weather condition and climate.

Custom Awnings

Like pergolas, a custom-made awning attaches to the property as a more permanent sun-blocking solution. However, you can put them away if you have retractable awnings, giving you more control over your outdoor space.

Awnings use similar canopy materials to canopy tents but are more durable in different weather conditions. Like pergolas, you can use your custom awning year-round, though you may want to retract them on snowy days.

Hire an Awning and Shading Expert

Learn more options for how to shade a south-facing patio with Van Nuys Awning Co. We have protected California yards from excessive heat conditions for over a century. Our team can give you a detailed guide to shade sails, show you the benefits of slide wire canopies, and more. 

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