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Four Tips for Caring for Your New Retractable Fabric Awning

by | Nov 20, 2023 | Awnings

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Like most things, retractable fabric awnings need maintenance to stay in top shape. Neglecting upkeep will probably result in costly repairs or premature replacement.   

As a leader in the production of awnings and custom outdoor canvas covers for residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Southern California, we’d like to highlight a few tips for caring for your new retractable fabric awnings.  

Get the best out of your retractable awnings and keep them looking and working great with the following caring tips.  

1. Clean Your Awnings Regularly  

Regardless of the type of awnings you have, whether Sunbrella fabrics or powder-coated retractable patio awnings, you should clean them regularly as part of your maintenance routine.   

Awnings handle just about everything from dirt and grease to insects and bird droppings. Clean your awnings with a water hose and broom at least once every month, remembering to pay special attention to both the topside and underside.   

A monthly cleaning will keep dust and dirt in check while preventing unsightly stains. For debris like dry leaves and branches, sweep them off every so often.  

You may need a cleaning solution to remove stains and stubborn dirt. Choose your cleaning solution carefully to avoid damaging your awning fabric. Once you clean your awnings, give them ample time to dry before retracting them.  

2. Keep Your Awnings Dry  

Fabric and moisture don’t go well together. Moisture can discolor or stretch your awning fabric, robbing it of its visual appeal. A wet awning can also create the ideal breeding ground for insects and support mold growth. To keep your awnings dry, retract them before it rains.  

If your awnings collect water before you retract them, drain them immediately and let them dry.  

3. Keep Your Retractable Fabric Awnings Clear of Plants  

Keeping your awnings clear of plants and leaves will help maintain their like-new appearance. Try to install your awnings away from trees that may drop leaves onto them, as some leaves may damage and stain the fabric.   

Similarly, you want to prevent tree branches, vines, and other plant life from extending up to your awnings; if possible, trim them back.  

4. Inspect Your Awnings  

Check the awning frame and other components regularly for potential issues. If you notice corrosion, scrape it off gently to prevent it from getting worse and causing structural integrity issues. Ensure the retracting mechanism works seamlessly so that the fabric rolls and unrolls smoothly.   

You also want to check the gears for proper operation as you tighten any bolts and screws that may have come loose over time.  

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