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Are Retractable Awnings Good for Rain?

by | Jul 5, 2023 | Awnings

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Retractable awnings provide quick and convenient shade on sunny days, keeping you and your guests cool. Custom residential awnings by Van Nuys Awning Co.® have even more benefits, using high-quality fabrics and high quality retractable systems. With such a great tool, you may sometimes forget to roll it in when you aren’t outside. 

While that’s generally not a problem, what about other weather conditions? Are retractable awnings good for rain or snow? We answer these questions so your shading can stay functional and appealing.

Can Retractable Awnings Work in the Rain?

We would advise you to always retract your awning in the rain due to potential issues, unless you have purchased one of our waterproof retractable systems. Some awning manufacturers will tell you to always retract your awning in the rain due to potential issues. For instance, if you don’t use water-resistant awning fabric, then the water could cause its weight to increase. Too much weight could cause the mechanism to break, potentially damaging your building or awning.

At Van Nuys Awning Co., we use sturdy and durable materials for all our awnings. During installation, we also ensure the slope is steep enough to prevent water from pooling on the awning.

Your awning will have some resistance against inclement weather conditions. However, monitor the severity of the incoming storm. While you can leave your awning out in light rain, you should retract them before heavy storms.

Awnings in the Wind or Snow

As a general rule, when wondering, “Are retractable awnings good for rain,” always consider the severity of the weather. While awnings can hold up okay in light winds, you should roll them in for wind and snow, don’t overestimate how much weight they can hold or resist.

Practice moderation when considering what your awning can withstand. A slightly windy day may not cause damage, but high winds or wind storms can. The air can lift or pull on the fabric, straining or breaking the arms of the awning.

Snow may not melt, leading to heavier weight on your awning covering. Too much weight can cause the fabric to sag or rip over time, requiring a replacement. 

However, you can leave it out for light piles of less than five pounds per square inch. If the snow is heavier than a dusting layer, you should probably retract the awning. 

How Long Do Retractable Awnings Last?

You can generally expect retractable awning frames to last for over 20 years. For the best conditions, replace the fabric every 10 years.

Home and business owners constantly seek the best ways to utilize space and available energy. Awnings, solar panels, and other outdoor solar or weather guards present long-lasting solutions. However, we must take care of them to ensure they last as long as possible.

Still Wondering About Awning-Approved Weather?

Are retractable awnings good for rain, snow, or shine in Ventura County? We don’t recommend them to be out in the rain, wind or snow, only shine. Our tried-and-true shading options have lasted for over a century.

If you’re not sure whether you want a retractable awning or pergola because of its durability, don’t worry. Van Nuys Awning Co. has various stable and weather-resistant outdoor shading options available for you to try.

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