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Three Common Retractable Awning Problems for Homeowners

Dealing with retractable awning problems is nothing new for homeowners. Unfortunately, with their constant exposure to external elements, it is common for awnings to develop issues.

This post will cover three common awning problems. We will also help you determine when to contact professional awning installers in Los Angeles for a replacement.

Common Retractable Awning Problems

Retractable awnings offer homeowners a functional and beautiful way of adding value to their homes. However, like everything else in your home, your awnings are not immune to malfunctions.

Here are some common retractable awning problems you will likely experience.

1. Mechanical Issues

Your retractable awning could develop certain mechanical issues that reduce its optimal functionality. In most cases, these problems will prevent your awning from retracting.

Examples of common mechanical issues include:

  • Awning motor damage: Problems with your awning’s motor often result in retraction issues. For instance, you might notice your retractable awning jamming or jerking.
  • Sensor failure: Your awning’s electric sensors could fail due to various reasons. For example, the failure could stem from power glitches or outages. However, equipment breakdowns may also be at fault.
  • Sticking tracks: Are your awning sticks coming off the roller tube? You might have debris clogged in the tracks. Clean out any gunk or dirt and apply lubricant to resolve the sticking.

2. Environmental Issues

External influences could also impact your awning’s functioning. For instance, you could experience:

  • Wind damage: Strong winds can take a heavy toll on your retractable awnings. Try retracting your awning during harsh conditions. You can also install wind sensors that retract your awning automatically during high winds.
  • Animal and insect damage: Insects and animals might attempt to make a home in your awning. In most cases, this infestation creates retractable awning problems and an unattractive appearance.
  • Rain and snow damage: Rain or snow could weigh down your awning, resulting in rips or tears. Fortunately, retracting or angling your awning can curb this issue.

3. Fabric Issues

One of the most common problems retractable awnings face is damage to their fabric. This damage could manifest in various ways, including:

  • Sun damage: Constant exposure to the sun’s UV rays could fade your awning’s fabric. When this situation happens, your awning’s visual appeal plummets.
  • Rips and tears: Your awning fabric could develop rips and tears. On top of being eyesores, these tears can hamper your awning’s efficiency.
  • Mold: Water, heat, and humidity can cause mold to grow on your awning’s fabric. Mold is not only unsightly but can cause health issues.
  • Sagging: Sometimes, your awning might appear to sag due to an overextended canopy or excess weight.

Durable Retractable Awnings in Los Angeles, CA

As common as these retractable awning problems are, there are ways to resolve them. Still, some cases of awning damage will necessitate replacement.

Fortunately, Van Nuys Awning Co. can give you customizable awnings that feature durable, lightweight materials. Get in touch with us today at (805) 500-2360 to schedule a consultation and learn more about our retractable awnings.

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