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Proven Tips in Picking the Right Awning for Winter Season

by | Nov 30, 2021 | Awnings, Blog

While there are quite a few set pieces and add-ons that can improve your home’s exteriors, one particular amenity happens to contribute more to that spectrum than any other decor. Despite not many homes having them installed, awnings are still one of the most in-demand in the exteriors market today.

Take a peek outside your neighborhood, and you may spot one, glamorously adding more to the house and windows that they are included in. Of course, not all awnings are made equal; that is why some look way better than others. The thing about them is that there are certain factors that will determine whether they will make or break the overall look of a home.

On the one hand, a residence’s theme must be followed in order for the awning to look just right. On the other hand, practicality and durability will also come into play, with many homeowners focusing on their purpose rather than their designs.

If you are the type who can relate to the latter example, we have a couple of important tips that may help you pick out the right awning, especially for this coming winter season.

1. Pick Snow Load–Rated Awnings

Most people may not be aware of this, but there are actually well-designed awnings to deflect snow, so they may simply slip off their surfaces instead of accumulating. The disadvantage of awnings that do not have this feature is that the snow may pile up on them, causing the weight to shift against their support. When that happens, there is a chance for them to break off or lead to other types of structural damage that may compromise your home.

Be sure to pick this variant if you do not want to regularly sweep off snow from the awnings.

2. Pick the Right Awning Fabric

Believe it or not, even the fabric of the awning may come into play when it comes to snow. Some materials, such as canvasses, are not appropriate for cold weather as they are not waterproof. It cannot withstand the weight of the snow itself; that is why it can only be used in states or areas that have longer seasons of warmth and sunlight.

However, awnings that use acrylic fabric can withstand cold temperatures; that is why they can be used as an alternative for cold climates.

3. Choose Retractable Awnings

This may seem like a simple and trivial choice, yet, it is actually one of the most preferred when it comes to regions or states that often see a regular occurrence of snow. Besides the fact that you may just simply retract them during heavy snowfalls, you also have the option to keep it clear of any snow and moisture to maintain its durable quality.

More often than not, awnings with an accumulated amount of moisture may weaken as the dampness itself may also contribute to the corrosion of its support.


Picking the correct awning for the winter season is just a matter of making the right decisions regarding the components that often make up its support. People often overlook its ability to deflect snow, its fabric, and even its retractability to withstand the cold and extreme weather. Having a better understanding of these factors can significantly affect the awning’s durability and lifespan.

If you want to choose an awning that will last for a lifetime, feel free to follow our tips above. Not only are they going to help you pick a strong material, but they will also help you save a lot of money in the long run.

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