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4 Reasons Why Pet Owners Should Install Patio Awnings

by | Nov 23, 2021 | Awnings, Blog, Patio Covers

If you are a pet owner, you understand how important it is for pets to explore the outdoors. However, it isn’t always the safest place in the world. There are many dangers out there that your pet can face, which is why you need to be extra careful about setting up that environment for them.

If your furry loved one likes to spend time on the patio, then you should consider getting an awning. There are a lot of benefits that both you and your beloved pet will enjoy when you install a patio awning right at your home.

Here are some of those reasons.

1. Keeps Your Pet’s Paws Safe

Keep your sensitive dog and cat paws away from the heat absorbed into your patio surface by adding an extra layer of protection against direct sunlight. When your pet’s paws come into contact with concrete that has absorbed the heat of direct sunlight, they may easily injure or burn.

Experts ensure that the awning covers every possible surface so that your pets can enjoy a walk around the patio or just plop down to rest. And you don’t even need to add a protective covering on their paws!

2. Gives Shade in the Heat

Having an awning as an added layer of protection will not only help reduce the heat absorbed on the floor but the heat in general. With a protective covering right above the patio, you and your pet are given extra shade, which is helpful in the face of direct sunlight.

It will also protect you and your pet against heat stroke, which could occur anytime if there is an increase in body temperature. Your pet’s body is far more sensitive to heat stroke compared to humans, which is why any extra protection counts.

3. Added Protection from Rainy Weather

If you are worried about the heat affecting your pet, you should note that heatstroke can happen even indoors if your home is not properly ventilated. If you go a day without turning on the air conditioning, heat can accumulate simply from your window.

If you’ve installed an awning that covers even your window, you can avoid this altogether. Your pet can lounge around the house at any point in time without you having to worry about heatstroke.

5. Gives Pets More Freshwater Options

Not only is the heat of the outdoors a nuisance for your pets, but it also dries up any freshwater options for them. Even if you leave a bowl of water for them outside, the heat of the sun could only warm the water up, leaving them with a scalding drink.

When you leave the water in a shaded area, your pet’s water will be much cooler and safer to consume. The awning should also help prevent any soft pet foods from spoiling as well. It should help preserve your food for as long as possible.


Make your pet’s outdoor adventures more comfortable and safe by installing an awning in your patio. It will provide enough shade to combat heat and dehydration so that your pet can lounge comfortably outdoors.

For outdoor awning installations, you can only trust Van Nuys Awning. We provide strong aluminum awnings that will give you and your pet enough shade from the heat. Contact us today!

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