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Five Common Mistakes When Buying a Retractable Awning

Retractable awnings can be valuable additions to any home, offering beauty and comfort. However, many homeowners tend to make several common mistakes when buying a retractable awning.

Since these mistakes affect how you can maximize your awning, avoiding them is crucial. This post will go through some of these mistakes while highlighting the importance of consulting awning contractors in Santa Barbara County.

What Are Awnings?

Awnings are retractable screens that fit over the openings in your home. They add better light control and increase privacy.

They also offer these benefits:

  • Protection from external elements
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Customization options
  • Visual appeal

Common Mistakes When Buying a Retractable Awning

If you are new to the world of awnings, you are probably unsure what to look for when buying one. While the right awning type will depend on your desires and preferences, you should avoid certain pitfalls when making your purchase.

1. Ignoring Measurements

Many homeowners think they can guess how large their awnings should be to fit a particular space. However, relying on estimates alone can easily lead to improperly sized awnings.

To avoid this outcome, accurately measure the area where you plan to use the awning. Remember to consider legroom and stretching.

2. Prioritizing Style over Function

When buying your awning, don’t solely think about how it’ll look. It’s also vital to consider the awning’s functionality for your home. For instance, think about:

  • How you use your doors, windows, and outdoor space
  • How often you will use the awning
  • Where you plan to install the awning

3. Choosing Waterproof Materials

Getting outdoor umbrellas made with waterproof fabric might make sense. However, these materials often trap humidity, making it uncomfortable to sit beneath them.

Instead, consider awnings that have water-resistant material. These options let oxygen flow through them while minimizing UV-ray and water damage.

4. Buying a Cheap Awning

We understand how tempting it is to purchase a cheap awning. However, low costs often translate to poor-quality awnings. You may have to spend more money on repairs or replacing the awning altogether.

Considering how crucial quality is in any product, going for a cheap model is an unwise decision.

5. Rushing

Some homeowners might consider awning-shopping a simple task that doesn’t need much time. However, rushing any home improvement decision can lead to massive disappointment.

When shopping for an awning, you will come across multiple models, colors, styles, and sizes. Take your time to review your options carefully and ask for an awning professional’s opinion. Not rushing your decision will help you invest in an awning you will enjoy for years.

Quality Retractable Awnings

Partnering with professional awning contractors is the best way to avoid these common mistakes when buying a retractable awning. You will gain access to quality products that do much more than add pleasing aesthetics to your home.

Contact Van Nuys Awning Co. at (805) 500-2360 today. We can take you through our extensive range of options and help you choose between motorized vs. manual retractable awnings.

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