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Elevate Your Outdoor Space With These Luxury Pool Cabana Designs  

by | Sep 5, 2023 | Blog

Find the perfect luxury pool cabana designs by calling Van Nuys Awning Co. at (805) 669-9138.

A poolside cabana can be an appealing way to enhance your pool deck area. These outdoor design elements provide a stylish vignette with privacy, shade, and refuge from the harsh elements.   

If you need a luxury pool cabana in Los Angeles, trust Van Nuys Awning Co. for top-of-the-line luxury pool cabana designs.  

For over 100 years, we have been a leader in producing custom canvas coverings like cabanas for residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Southern California. 

Adjustable Daybeds  

Give your pool area a resort feel with adjustable beds where you can read, lounge, sunbathe, or sleep poolside. This cabana design option comes with everything without the need to build a structure. You can install a canvas umbrella or curtains for extra privacy and sun protection.  

Rooftop Cabana  

Whether your rooftop includes a pool or just a spa, adding a cabana enhances its functionality. A rooftop cabana will protect you from the elements and create a more usable rooftop space. You can add retractable shades that allow you to enjoy uninterrupted views.  

Outdoor Kitchen Cabana  

An open-air cabana will work well as a multi-purpose space with an outdoor kitchen and perhaps a dining table. Going open-air ensures you don’t block any views and allows your entertaining space to flow together.  

Canopy Style Cabana  

A cabana-like gazebo with a canopy roof to protect it from the sun’s harsh rays and outdoor lounge furniture can work wonders for your pool area. Alternatively, improvise a similar design with a pop-up canopy that you can put away as and when needed.  

Poolside Dining Cabana  

If you host large dinners, a poolside dining cabana is one of the best luxury pool cabana designs to consider. You could integrate ceiling and pendant lights to give the area a warm glow in the evenings.  

Cabana-Style Lounge Space  

Create a cabana-like outdoor lounging area that lets you make the most of your outdoor area. You can give the space a private cabana vibe with cozy seats, a pair of curtains, and an overhead ceiling fan.  

Create an Easy Cabana with a Pergola  

Pergolas come in handy when you need to define spaces for various functions. If you use one as a poolside cabana, you’ll typically need no more than poolside lounge chairs to complete the picture.  

What Should Go in a Cabana?  

Depending on the size of your cabana, you can add just about anything that will help you enjoy your time in the pool area. Popular options include seats, a TV, a bar, an outdoor shower, or a dining table.  

Hire a Professional   

You can choose from a wide range of pool cabana designs. Our designers can help blend the cabana with your pool designs and recommend what will work best for your space, needs, and budget.  

We look forward to helping you upgrade your pool area. Call Van Nuys Awning Co. today at (805) 669-9138 for the best luxury pool cabana designs or to learn more about canopy for pools.

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