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On the Hunt for a New Awning: Here’s What You Should Know

by | Nov 2, 2021 | Awnings, Blog

An awning is a roof-like material that extends over an outdoor area to provide shelter from weather elements. It is commonly used over decks and in front of doors and windows. 

Awnings are an ideal addition to any property for the convenience and protection they offer. If you’re thinking of buying and installing one in your home, it’s best to become familiar with the basic awning styles and how to take care of one. 

Fixed and Retractable Awnings

Awnings come in many different materials, shapes, and sizes for different uses. There are two main types of awnings: fixed or retractable.

Fixed awnings, commonly installed in the entrances of commercial buildings, are made of durable materials such as metal and aluminum. They are designed to withstand strong weather conditions, including heavy rain and snow. Fixed awnings are great investments for any commercial enterprise as they do not require that much maintenance.

On the other hand, homeowners prefer retractable awnings for their affordability and flexibility. They’re the perfect choice for people who want customizable, space-saving protection against the elements.7

3 Types of Awnings

As mentioned above, various types of awnings serve different purposes. When shopping for the right one for your property, it pays to know these four basic types before making a decision. 

1. Metal Awning

Typically made of aluminum, metal awnings are a durable option for property owners who are interested in structures that require little maintenance. Since they are meant to offer solid protection for your home or business entrance, they are often installed via welding. 

2. Patio Awning

If you are looking for awnings that are relatively easier to set up and style, patio awnings may appeal to you. Affordable and made of light fabric, they are a staple choice among many homeowners. Common patio awning materials include polyester and cotton. 

3. Free-Standing Awning

Free-standing awnings are not meant to be attached to walls. This type of awning is a favorite among those who need to be versatile with their spaces, such as playgrounds, pool areas, or recreation bars. Free-standing awnings are typically used to protect areas from light rain and the sun’s heat, but not for strong winds or heavy snow. 

Why You Need an Awning

If you’re still thinking about how a roof extension can actually benefit you, here are the best reasons you should install one on your property.

  • Added privacy
  • Shade during hot weather
  • Extended living space
  • Protection for patio or deck furnishings
  • Shelter from strong elements
  • Enhanced property appearance

Taking Care of Your Awning

When it comes to maintaining your awning, it’s important to know how to handle them based on what material they’re made of. A pressure washer usually works for metal awnings but not for fabric. Consult a professional if you’re not sure about the best and most effective cleaning method for your specific awning. 

Before cleaning, make sure to follow these basic steps:

  1. Remove any debris from the awning.
  2. Clean the awning with water.
  3. With a mixture of mild soap (to avoid ruining the material) and water, scrub the awning with a soft-bristle brush.
  4. Rinse with clean water thoroughly.
  5. Air-dry. 


In addition to the added layer of protection they offer, awnings are popular because they can become a part of the property’s overall aesthetic. Choose awnings that serve your needs and fit your preferred aesthetic.

If you are interested in looking at a wide variety of commercial and residential awnings, check out Van Nuys Awning Co. Based in Newbury Park, CA, we take pride in having IFAI-certified craftsmen in awning design and manufacturing. Schedule a free consultation with us today! 

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