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How Much Is It To Build a Patio Cover?

A patio cover can be an excellent addition to your home. It can provide shade and shelter from the elements, making your outdoor living space a perfect spot to relax or entertain guests. However, before shopping for a patio cover, you’ll want to know how much it costs.

The average cost per square foot for a patio cover is about $35.15. The actual price varies significantly depending on different factors, including material, style, and size. This blog post takes a deeper look at the cost of building a patio cover. 

Cost To Build a Patio Cover by Material

Like roof systems, the material type is a major factor influencing a patio cover building cost. Wood is often more expensive than aluminum, while steel is more expensive than wood. Below are the rough prices ranges for various patio covers depending on material (reach out to get an exact cost on your patio cover!):

  • Retractable style canvas patio covers: $1,884 to $3,914
  • Aluminum lattice patio covers: $3,080 to $4,744
  • Insulated aluminum roof patio covers: $6,451 to  $8,269
  • Non-insulated aluminum roof patio covers: $5,052 to $7,028
  • Wooden lattice patio covers: $7,709 to $12,429
  • Wood roof patio covers: $10,500 to $18,900
  • Solid roof vinyl-clad patio covers: $2,520 to $6,020
  • Lattice vinyl-clad patio covers: $3,080 to $6,090

If you are unsure about the material you want, an experienced professional can evaluate your needs and recommend the best choice for your patio cover. 

Cost To Build a Patio Cover by Type

There are different types of patio covers, and they all don’t cost the same. 

Permanent Patio Cover

A permanent patio cover is an excellent option if you live in an area prone to extreme weather conditions, including high winds and heavy snow. These patio covers are almost unbreakable, thanks to their galvanized steel and multilayer polycarbonate construction. Depending on the size, you should expect to pay at least $1,500 for a permanent patio cover. 

Sun Shade Sail Canopy

If you are a minimalist looking for cost-effective sun protection in your patio area, a sun shade sail canopy is ideal. Sunshade sails can cost as little as $50. However, you will need a separate budget for posts. 

Retractable Awnings

You can add beauty and functionality to your patio area by attaching a retractable awning. Awnings range in price from $100 to $450, depending on the size. You might want to choose a polycarbonate awning as it offers sturdy protection from the rain.

Patio Cover Installation Cost 

When considering the cost of a patio cover, you should also consider the installation cost. While you can opt for a DIY patio cover, it is best to work with a professional to achieve the best results. Additional accessories like ceiling fans and lighting will add to the construction cost. 


Installing a patio cover is an excellent way to provide shade in your yard come rain or shine. The knowledgeable team at Van Nuys Awning Co. is always ready to help if you need more information about building a patio cover. 

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