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Can You Grill Under a Canopy?

by | Feb 20, 2023 | Blog

Most tent materials meet the CPAI-84 flammability requirements, but can you grill under a canopy tent? 

It’s not 100% safe to cook under a canopy because the tent materials usually consist of vinyl, polyethylene, or polyester. These materials can quickly catch fire if they come near a flame source. They can even melt under the high temperatures in the canopy. 

If you must cook under a canopy tent, you’ll need to observe some safety precautions as advised by the experts at Van Nuys Awning Co., a premier provider of a custom canopy in Los Angeles

The Risks of Grilling Under a Canopy

Any material placed over a heat source for prolonged periods can become a fire hazard, and a canopy tent is no exception. Therefore cooking under your canopy tent poses two major risks:

  • Most tent materials tend to melt and can ignite if exposed to excessive heat. The melted material can land on the person below the tent, causing severe pain and skin burns. 
  • The melting can alter the tent’s structure, causing the whole tent to collapse. The canopy can fall on your grilling tools, creating more damage and harm to the people underneath. 

Top Five Tips for Safe Grilling Under a Tent

Still wondering, “can you grill under a canopy?” If you want to enjoy the benefits of grilling under a canopy without worrying about the above risks, simply implement the following tips:

Eliminate the Hazard

The most effective way to minimize the risk of fire includes eliminating or substituting the hazard. Consider using publicly available BBQs with purpose-built coverings, or change your menu to avoid cooking onsite. 

Use a Vented Canopy Tent

Cooking in a confined space with inadequate ventilation could lead to carbon monoxide-induced health issues, which can be deadly. It may also produce nitrogen dioxide, which causes lung damage. Consider using a vented canopy tent to reduce the smoke inside the tent. 

Get a Fire-Resistant Canopy 

Using a canopy rated for fire resistance, such as NFPA 701 and CPAI 84, can reduce the risk of a spot fire spreading throughout the entire tent. However, a fire-resistant-rated canopy won’t offer 100% fire protection. Ensure sufficient height above the heat source. Also, maintain an adequate distance between the heat source and the side of the canopy tent. 

Have Fire Equipment

A fire extinguisher is essential to put minor spot fires. Avoid putting out fires yourself if you lack the necessary training. Consider calling emergency fire services if the fire seems overwhelming. 

Use a Fan

Place a little fan at the exhaust to enhance your canopy tent’s efficiency. This fan helps regulate the smoke and minimize the humidity and smoky smell inside the tent.

Hire a Canopy Tent Expert

So, can you grill under a canopy? While grilling under a tent isn’t completely safe, you can reduce fire risk by following the above tips. You also need to learn about securing a canopy in the wind to maximize safety.

If you need a high-quality, fire-resistant canopy tent in Los Angeles, contact the professionals at Van Nuys Awning Co. for a quote at (805) 973-0257

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