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A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Glass Canopies for Commercial Buildings  

by | Dec 5, 2023 | Canopies

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Glass canopies present a fantastic blend of functionality, artistry, and innovation. They work effectively as highly functioning outdoor shades, especially in commercial spaces. However, you need to choose the right glass canopies for your commercial needs, space, and budget.  

At Van Nuys Awning Co.®, we have plenty of experience with glass canopies. Keep reading to learn about the factors to consider when choosing glass canopies for commercial buildings.  


The glass canopy you choose will primarily depend on its function. Generally, glass canopies extend your entrance and make a statement, create a covered space to sell your items, or provide shade to clients.  

You want a canopy to meet its purpose, as that will also affect factors like canopy designs, types of glass, and more.  

Style of Glass Canopy  

Most glass canopies comprise an overhead shade with a steel or aluminum frame featuring exposed sides. They also come in a range of styles, including:  

Shade Canopies  

As the name implies, these primarily obstruct the sun’s damaging UV rays and provide shade for places with relatively less floor space. Portable, versatile, easy to install, and lightweight, shade canopies offer a budget-friendly option for anyone working on a tight budget.  

Garden Canopies  

A garden or sunlight canopy typically works well for decks, patios, porches, and backyards. In commercial settings, they would appeal to businesses with outdoor seating or entertainment areas like hotels and restaurants.  

Entrance Canopies  

Entrance canopies create a great welcoming impression that sets your business apart from competitors. Typically installed at the main entrance area, these glass canopies for commercial buildings draw attention and enhance the building’s overall aesthetic.  

Window Canopies  

Like shade canopies, you install window canopies on the building windows to provide shade, boost energy efficiency, and add aesthetic appeal to the building.  

Type of Glass  

Consider the following types of glass for canopies:  

Laminated Safety Glass  

Laminated glass comprises two or more glass panes with an adhesive layer in between. The multi-layer composition renders the glass strong enough to withstand just about any type of weather.   

Glass manufacturers also call it safety glass because it doesn’t shatter on impact, and the adhesive layer holds the panel intact even if the glass develops a crack.  

Tempered Glass  

Glass manufacturers toughen tempered glass through a superheating and quick cooling process. Tempered glass can handle shock without breaking. It also falls into the safety-glass category because it shatters into small harmless pieces rather than breaking into sharp shards.  

Polycarbonate Sheets  

Considered a popular choice for clear glass canopies, polycarbonate sheets refer to a type of plastic glass with exceptional strength, high optical clarity, and impressive thermal performance. Besides costing less than standard glass, polycarbonate sheets also weigh much less.  

They also come in multiple thickness and color options that allow for personalization. 

Reach Out for Custom Canopies and Shade Solutions  

Are you in the market for custom glass canopy systems for your commercial building in California? Trust Van Nuys Awning Co.® for premium canopies and shade solutions. Call (805) 973-0257 to request a free quote for glass canopies for commercial buildings. 

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