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Four Steps To Finding The Perfect Commercial Awning

by | Oct 16, 2018 | Awnings, Blog

Trying to find the perfect commercial awning for your business? It can be hard to narrow it down when there are so many customization options and materials. Do you go with an aluminum awning for your patio, sun shades for your windows, a long walkway awning to grab everyone’s attention? Do you do your company colors or go with a solid white or black? Needless to say, choosing the right awning for your business can be a little overwhelming, especially for those who have multiple options to weigh. Luckily for those struggling to find an answer for their awning questions, the best awning company in Van Nuys, the Van Nuys Awning Company®, has the perfect blog for you. Here we’ll go over a few steps you can follow to find the perfect awning for your business.

1 – Choose Retractable Or Stationary

It used to be, you could only choose one type of awning that would stay in place. There are advantages to stationary awnings of every kind, including permanent shade and protection from the elements. But now, with our constant advancements in awning and outdoor living technology, residents and business owners have the choice between both stationary and retractable awnings. Both have their advantages and disadvantages of course, so finding the perfect awning for your company comes down to the type of shade and protection you want to provide for your patrons.

Stationary awnings will stay put, providing shade and shield from the elements year round. Though they can’t move, you can add drapes or retractable sun shades to your stationary awning to be sure you have UV protection from every angle. They’re perfect for restaurant, bar, and brewery patios as well as window covers. Retractable awnings can be removed or extended as needed, meaning you’ll be able to get some sun when you want it or ample protection when you need it. They can also be stored away when there’s high wind or rough storms. Retractable awnings are great for poolsides or patios in areas with times of high sun exposure.

2 – Don’t Go Too BigItaly Cinque Terre Store Front Awning Flow

Let’s say you own a food truck that specializes in cool summer confections and you want to put a retractable awning on the side of your food truck. You don’t want to get a custom retractable awning that extends out further than your truck, that would cost you too much, wouldn’t be very practical, and it’d make your business look ridiculous. The same goes for brick-and-mortar style businesses, you don’t want a patio awning that spills over onto your neighbor’s walkway or window shades that swallow your windows and most of your building.

This would be comparable to when you’re younger and you have to wear your siblings’ or parents’ hand-me-downs that are way too big for you. People and potential customers won’t take you seriously or they’ll be so off-put by the appearance of your business that they probably won’t come in. Or at the very least they’d make fun of your business online, which can be just as bad. You also have to keep up with building codes, which will mandate your awnings be a certain size on different areas of your property.

3 – Don’t Go Too Small

Certain businesses need to have certain sized awnings. You don’t want your patio awning covering a single table at a crowded and sunny Sunday brunch. Nor do you want your storefront awning to cover a sliver of the property you actually use. High-end hotels and restaurants look amazing when they have a walkway awning that goes from their entrance all the way to the curb where the valet station rests. Proportionally sized awnings help draw attention to your business while also looking incredibly sharp, which adds to the natural aesthetic of your company. You don’t want to waste money by covering just the top of a window. Also, like in the last section, you’ll have to stay true to the building code guidelines.

Commercial Awning

4 – Get Branding

You worked on your company’s logo, colors, and design. You have t-shirts, coffee cups, and just about everything else you can sell with the business logo on it. Branding is a smart way to not only drum up additional income, but it’s a great way to promote continued business growth and get free advertisement. So branding your new custom awnings should be a no-brainer. You can customize the fabric colors to match your company’s colors. You can even get logos and slogans printed on the fabric to show off that awesome company logo. Get them in the right colors and your business can stand out for blocks. Just don’t overdo it and have an obnoxiously colored building that drives people away.

From everyone at the Van Nuys Awning Company, we hope you’ve found this blog helpful. Learn more about Van Nuys, see what kind of eco-friendly materials we use to make our awnings, or contact the Van Nuys Awning Company to answer any questions or get a free quote for your next project.

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