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Choosing an Awning for Your Restaurant: 3 Things to Consider

by | Jan 25, 2022 | Awnings, Blog

Have you purchased or built a new restaurant recently? Before you open your doors to the public, there are plenty of things you need to do first. One critical piece of the operation is choosing the right awning for your new establishment. How do you choose the right restaurant awnings? Read on to learn how:

1. Consider the Awning Type

There are three main types of awnings: solid, retractable, and canvas. Solid awnings can be either static or rotating. The solid type of awning is mounted to the inside of the building, and is often made of lightweight, UV-resistant polycarbonate. It is not retractable, but it is a sturdy option that provides ample shade.

Retractable awnings are often made of metal, aluminum, or vinyl. They retract into an aluminum housing that is mounted to the building’s inner frame. These types of awnings are nice because they are retractable, and that means the outside frame can be completely hidden from view when not in use.

Canvas awnings are often made of poly-canvas and are mounted outside the restaurant. These awnings are more expensive than retractables, but they provide a more natural look and are custom-painted to match the building’s exterior.

2. Consider the Awning Size

When choosing an awning for your restaurant, you will need to consider the size of the space you need to cover and the positioning of the awning. 

If you plan to have patio-style seating, you will need to ensure that the awning can adequately cover the entire area. You will also need to ensure that the awning covers the area during all types of weather. An awning that does not properly cover a patio is not going to keep patrons dry during a drizzly day.

In addition to size and placement, you will also need to consider the number of people you want to be under the awning at any one time. 

Take a look at your seating areas to see how many people they can accommodate, and then consider how many people you want to be under the awning at any one time. 

If the awning will be used to cover a large area, you might want to consider a larger awning with a wider shade area.

3. Consider the Awning Color

Choosing the right color for the awning is important because it will say a lot about its durability. It’s best you research the best color to choose as well. Some things to keep in mind: brighter colors tend to fade quicker compared to lighter colors. On that note, you want to choose a color that will last for a long time. These awnings are directly under the sun, so expect some fading to happen, especially on brighter colors. Also, keep in mind that maintenance is still important to ensure maximum durability.

The Right Awning Choice for Your Restaurant Business

Choosing the right awning for your restaurant is an important part of your business’s operations. You will need to consider the coverage requirements and the type of awning that best suits the area. Use this guide to help you out!

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