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Canopies for Pools: Transform Your Poolside Space with the Ultimate Shade Solution

by | Apr 20, 2023 | Awnings

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Installing a canopy for pools in Los Angeles can prevent excessive UV exposure, sunburn, and overheating. For the number one custom canopy in Los Angeles, reach out to Van Nuys Awning Co. These professionals explain the many options for customized shade and offer personalized options so you can find the ideal canopy for your needs.

Create your preferred ambiance for your pool with our help. For more pool shade ideas, continue reading.

Shade Sails 

For a functional, attractive canopy shade, consider shade sails. Unlike other structures that trap heat underneath, shade sails create continuous airflow for a cool outdoor experience. Enhance your outdoor space with a beautiful sail canopy personalized to your taste.

Sun shades prevent UV exposure while creating a unique, creative outdoor design. Find your sails in virtually any color and size for the perfect addition to your property.


Consider pergolas for a durable, wind-resistant statement piece. With the optional zippered drop screens, you can create a bug-free, UV-resistant location for relaxing. Choose manual or motorized, depending on your preferences.

Technicians create pergolas based on your personal space. They include a slope with a drain system and gutters to prevent water damage. Extruded aluminum makes up the columns and rafters for added durability.

Choose one of the following fabrics for your personalized pergola:

  • Ferrari 602: Block out 100% of UV rays with this blackout, waterproof fabric
  • Ferrari 502: A semi-translucent, waterproof material available in multiple tints
  • Ferrari W96: A clear coated waterproof mesh ideal for maximum translucency

Pergolas offer many benefits as a canopy for pools. Place them on the patio next to your ground pools for a shaded sitting area or a location for drinks, shade-needing plants, and furniture.

Retractable Awning 

A retractable awning provides exceptional canopy shade when you need it most, with the ability to quickly and easily remove the shading when desired. Cover the entire pool for playtime, or place your awning over a section to provide both shade and sun options.

These durable awnings can stand alone on poles or attach to a wall with supporting columns. Include lights for a beautiful nighttime seating area, and choose between motorized and manual.

Contact Van Nuys Awning Co.

Canopies provide many customizable options for your sun safety. At Van Nuys Awning Co., your aesthetic taste and sun safety remain top priorities. Our family-run business has lasted for over 100 years, helping the residents of Southern California find comfort and pleasure in their outdoor locations.

We’re here for you and offer the following:

  • A focus on customer service
  • Multiple aesthetic options personalized to your taste
  • Maximum comfort and durability

With many options to choose from, we have a canopy for every sized pool, outdoor space, and style. Call us for a canopy for your home patio, too! If you need a canopy for pools, contact Van Nuys Awning Co. at (818) 782-8607 and request a free estimate in Los Angeles, CA, today.

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