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Best Canopy Color for Sun and Heat Protection

by | Mar 20, 2023 | Awnings

Many clients ask us what the best canopy color for sun and heat protection is, but the answer is not as simple as you might think. Dark colors are best for shade but can be stifling in hot weather. A lighter color is cooler to sit under as it reflects more sunlight; however, it offers less UV protection.

In this article, the Van Nuys Awning Co.® explains the difference and highlights the colors you should look for in each category. Speak to our team about your vision and enjoy the best custom canopy by Van Nuys Awning Co

What Colors are Best for Heat Protection?

The rule is that a lighter color will always be cooler. Therefore, if you require respite from the heat, look for a canopy in white, yellow, or light shades of green, lilac, pink, or blue. The colors will reflect much of the heat, making it cooler to sit beneath them.

By contrast, the dark, rich tones of black, brown, indigo, and purple will absorb the sun’s rays, making it hotter to sit underneath these canopies.

What Colors Are Best for Sun Protection?

Black or brown offers the best choice if you wish to filter out as much sunshine as possible. The fabric is densely woven, and the color makes it difficult for the rays to penetrate. The fabric absorbs the rays rather than reflecting them.

What Is the Best Color for the Backyard?

If you want the best canopy color for sun and heat protection, you need to strike a compromise. A light-colored canopy will provide adequate protection from the sun without overheating. Your color choice dictates which color wavelengths the canopy absorbs. 

White reflects all wavelengths while black absorbs them, so you need something in between. Light blue is a good choice because it reflects all the wavelengths except blue, and light green is functional for similar reasons.

However, it’s worth considering that these light colors will show dirt more quickly. Darker colors hide dirt better but fade more quickly. 

What If Shade Is More Important?

If you are desperate for shade, there are ways to work around the heat-absorbing properties of dark colors. You can, for example, opt for a canopy with removable walls or open sides, as these allow a constant flow of air that can cool the space.

You might also try raising the canopy roof to allow a better flow of air or add ventilation. Blackout material comes in several colors, so it is possible to get the best of both worlds. 

Contact the Awning Professionals 

When you entrust your project to professionals, you are guaranteed to get a canopy that meets all your expectations. With a sterling track record dating back over a century, we are your go-to choice for custom canopies.  

Contact Van Nuys Awning Co.® at (818) 782-8607 today to discuss the best canopy color for sun, heat, and your lifestyle. We can assist with a canopy for your home patio or anywhere else on your property. 

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