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Benefits Of Slide On Wire Awnings

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Awnings, Blog

Custom awnings can help any property, residential or commercial, look even better. Not only do awnings add unique aesthetics to your home or company, but they also provide numerous benefits no matter where they’re installed. Some of the most popular awnings include slide-on wire awnings. These awnings can be customized to fit just about any outdoor space. Each one can have custom colors and designs to help make it truly unique for your property. Here at Van Nuys Awning Co.®, we can help create the perfect custom slide wire awning for your home or business. In today’s blog, we’ll be going over the benefits of the slide on wire awnings and what they can do for you.

Provide Shaderectangular brown wooden dining inside white awning

Here in the Los Angeles area, we’re well accustomed to bright, sunny days nearly all year-round. While that sun is great to have, sometimes we can all use a little break from it. If you don’t feel like being cooped up inside all day, or you want to provide some protection for your customers, then a custom slide on wire awning is just what you need. Slide wire awnings can help you find shelter from the blazing California sun, giving you comfortable conditions to enjoy time outside with others. Families and customers love being able to gather under a reliable awning and have a good time in the shade.

They’re Retractable

On the off chance that a storm or inclement weather occurs here in the Los Angeles area, it’s nice to be able to retract your awning in order to make sure no damage occurs from high winds or falling debris. Non-retractable awnings can be sturdy and just as durable as retractable awnings, however, they do tend to take more damage during storms and inclement weather which can result in costly repairs. Slide on wire awnings allow you to extend or retract them as you see fit, helping you to keep your awning safe no matter the weather.

Reduce Energy Costs

During the summer, energy costs can skyrocket here in California. With the sun constantly shining and temperatures constantly reaching triple digits, residents and business owners have to crank their air conditioning just to feel kind of comfortable. If you have a custom slide on wire awning though, you could actually see a reduction in your energy costs, even during the warmer months. High temperatures, UV rays, and other factors can all enter your home or establishment through your windows, causing the internal temperature to rise. Putting a custom awning next to your window can help prevent these environmental factors from entering, helping to keep your residence or business cooler.

Protect Your Property

Tired of constant sun damage ruining your floors, patio furniture, and decorations? Then a custom awning may just be the perfect solution for you. Custom slide wire awnings can help block damaging UV rays that cause fading to occur on things like drapes, flooring, decorations, furniture, and more. With a custom awning, you can prevent unsightly sun damage from happening, helping to reduce costs while also providing you with a custom structure you can use all year-round. Awnings also help protect things like decks, plants, outdoor equipment, and much more.

Get custom awnings in Los Angeles

If you’re looking to get a custom slide-on wire awning for your property, then Van Nuys Awning Co. is ready to help you. We’ve been building high-quality awnings in the Los Angeles area for over 100 years. We can design and build your awning in-house then quickly install it on your property so you can use it right away. Learn more about our slide on wire awnings, get to know our custom awning company, or contact Van Nuys Awning Co. to start building your awning today.

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