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4 Advantages of Installing an Awning for Your Home

Your home is your most precious and expensive possession. Aside from sheltering and protecting our household, it also protects our pieces of furniture and keeps them safe from environmental factors. Over time, you may get tired of your home looks and question its functionality. But if you are looking for ways to tweak your house features, installing residential awnings is a brilliant idea. 

Aside from changing your house’s exterior, an awning can do more for your household. Here are four advantages of adding an awning to your home:

Energy Efficient

On scorching days, turning on the air conditioner seems inevitable. But when the electricity bill comes in with high payments, you still will pick up the remote control. The heat can sometimes be trapped inside our homes, and there could be a room that becomes hotter than the rest of the home area. If this is a common problem in your house, you can quickly solve it by installing an awning. Putting an awning can shade your window and redirect the sunlight away from your home so that less heat can penetrate. In fact, the awning can reduce 65 to 77 percent of heat, depending on where the window is located. 

However, during wintertime, having sunlight passing through your window is often desired. To maximize the energy efficiency of an awning, choose a retractable variant so that you can put it up and remove it whenever you want. Shade covers for your windows and air conditioners will also help them function better. 


Did you know that frequent exposure to sunlight can deteriorate your furniture at home quicker? While it is not recognizable at first, you will see how badly it is affected when one fixture is placed beside a piece of furniture that is not receiving too much sunlight. To protect the life of your furniture and appliances, installing an awning on your house is the way to go. This is because hiding its direct exposure can extend the life of your sofa, wallpapers, fabrics, and other home fixtures.

Space Extender

If you have a crowded home, you may feel embarrassed to receive guests inside. Instead, you can extend your home and welcome your guests with outdoor awnings installations. This way, you won’t look rude by sending your surprise visitors away just because you can’t let them in. 

An awning can also provide extra space for your kids to play outside instead of creating a mess inside the house. Likewise, breakfast or tea may be served on your extended al fresco dining under the awning. Finally, having an awning in front of your property can let you enjoy fresher air without getting exposed to the sun!

Additional Accent

The exterior of your house has no character without an awning, which is why these fixtures come in different materials and shapes. Custom awnings will also complement your home’s theme or design because they will add significant beauty to your house and make it look more inviting for your neighbors. This is even a good feature that can help you sell your home quicker in the future!


Our home protects us from heat or cold and shelters us when it’s raining. But aside from that, we can extend the purpose of our home by just adding a single fixture, the awning. The awning can look very beautiful when added to a house’s exterior and provide many benefits for the household, such as energy efficiency, UV protection, space extensions, and additional accents.

If you are looking for ways to enhance your home, Van Nuys Awning Co. in California offers awnings, patio covers, canopies, cabanas, sail shades, custom coverings & more. You cannot go wrong with an awning, so contact us today and let us help you find the best awning styles for your home!

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