1. Our awning company has relocated to Newbury Park

    Van Nuys Awning Co. Relocates To Newbury Park

    Van Nuys Awning Co., the preeminent Southern California awning and shade company for countless private homes and businesses will be moving to a new facility. The veteran team of contractors will be moving to their new headquarters at 2580 Azurite Circle, Newbury Park, CA 91320. The Powell family, wh…Read More

  2. Custom cabana with orange outdoor drapes and white awning fabric

    What To Look For In A Great Awning Company

    While they’re easy to overlook from time to time, awnings provide a much needed resource here in sunny California — shade. Awnings may look similar, however, all awnings are not made the same. In fact, almost every awning is completely unique, despite looking incredibly similar to other awnings …Read More

  3. Benefits of a slide on wire awning

    Benefits Of Slide On Wire Awnings

    Custom awnings can help any property, residential or commercial, look even better. Not only do awnings add unique aesthetics to your home or company, but they also provide numerous benefits no matter where they’re installed. Some of the most popular awnings include slide-on wire awnings. These awn…Read More

  4. Sol-Lux smart awnings and window awnings

    Benefits Of Sol-Lux Smart Awnings

    Awnings are some of the most beneficial features homeowners and businesses can take advantage of when they want to add value, aesthetics, and functionality to their property. Here at the Van Nuys Awning Co.®, we can provide many different awnings of various shapes, colors, and sizes, all with numer…Read More

  5. Types Of Custom Awnings We Can Build

    Custom awnings can add protection and a sense of flair to any outdoor area, whether it’s for a home or a company. Awnings can help with many different things, from offering shade to helping to lower your energy bills. When you’re looking to get a custom awning for your property, there are severa…Read More

  6. The Best Awnings For Any Outdoor Area

    Awnings are some of the best things you can add to any outdoor area. They provide shade and protect those underneath from the intense UV rays the sun casts down here in Van Nuys and the greater Los Angeles area. They can also help lower your electric bill by stopping those same sun rays from enterin…Read More

  7. Entrance walkway awnings in Van Nuys

    The Importance Of An Entrance Awning At Your Restaurant

    Restaurants are a staple in our society. Not only do they allow patrons to enjoy amazing foods from all around the world, but they also give them the chance to relax with family, friends, and loved ones. Everyone has a favorite restaurant, whether it’s new Asian fusion or old-world Italian, chance…Read More

  8. Keep your Van Nuys awnings looking great all year

    How To Keep Your Awning Looking Great All Year

    Your awning does a lot for you, from shading your home to providing cover from the elements. It stands there every day and its only job is protect you and the others you bring by to show your awning off to. So, the least you could do is show your awning a little love every now and then. In today’s…Read More

  9. Decorate custom retractable awnings and canopies in Van Nuys

    How To Decorate Your Awning For The Holidays

    The holidays are here whether you’re ready for them or not. With the holidays comes cooler weather, holiday songs, and treats of every shape and size. One of the best ways to spread holiday joy is to decorate your home both inside and out with lights, tinsel, and other fun objects. But if you’re…Read More

  10. Custom commercial awnings for restaurants in Van Nuys

    Four Steps To Finding The Perfect Commercial Awning

    Trying to find the perfect commercial awning for your business? It can be hard to narrow it down when there are so many customization options and materials. Do you go with an aluminum awning for your patio, sun shades for your windows, a long walkway awning to grab everyone’s attention? Do you do …Read More