Whether you’re dealing with your home or your business, a reliable awning or covering is a great addition. Not only does it improve comfort, but it also boosts appearance, protects furnishings, and can even help lower energy costs. If you’re looking for a new awning or covering, or just want to update an existing one, the experts at Van Nuys Awning Co.® can help improve any property. Our professional awnings, canopies, cabanas, carports, drapes and more will add style and elegance to your home or business. If you have any questions about our company or would like a free estimate feel free to Contact us!

Benefits Of Awnings, Canopies & Coverings

Custom blue fabric awning

There are many advantages of getting a custom awning, canopy, or cabana at your property. Coverings on a house or business have been proven to cut energy costs, especially during the hotter months. They provide natural shade, meaning you can give the air conditioner a break. But if you do need to turn on the AC, awnings can help air conditioners run more efficiently. You can take up to 25 percent off of your air conditioning bill when you get an awning installed. The American Society of Heating and Air Conditioner Engineers say that awnings can reduce heat gain by 55 to 65 percent on southern facing windows and 72 to 77 percent on western facing ones. This can help lower indoor temperatures up to 15 degrees. Talk about a cool investment!

Coverings also reduce the amount of sun exposure through windows, while also mitigating rain damage from harsh or continual downpour. Not only does this help keep the temperature nice and cool, it helps keep your furniture, art, and walls from getting sun damage from the harsh ultra violet rays.

When you aren’t inside, any of our coverings will allow you to entertain parties all night long under the protection of our custom awning, cabana, or canopy. You can protect a certain area, like a playground or pool beds, or you can cover your entire storefront or backyard. This can also add the additional perk of protecting any outside furniture you may have under your awning, such as a deck or patio furniture.

All of our outdoor awnings and canopies use fabrics that are made by Sunbrella®, environmentally friendly fabrics that are proven to stand the test of time and nature. All Sunbrella fabrics block up to 98% of the sun’s harmful rays and have been given the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation. Rigorously tested, Sunbrella’s fabrics have proven to provide maximum UV protection while also efficient in not trapping heat or moisture, so they won’t make things hotter at your house or business.

Whether you get a set of our beautiful drapes, custom patio furniture pad cushions, or a walkway awning for your business, you know you’ll be in good hands with the Van Nuys Awning Co. All of our products are guaranteed to last for years under all kinds of conditions. Learn more about the Van Nuys Awning Co. and how we’ve serviced the Van Nuys area for more than 100 years. View some of our previous installations in our gallery, or contact us by filling out your information below.

Reduce Sun Exposure

Mitigate Rain Damage

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