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Our highly skilled in-house staff can create shop drawings, installation details and assist in planning your awning integration into your project. We work side by side with you, providing current and accurate information to help you make design decisions and expedite the project.

Using a pattern, there are many markings on the pattern that need to be transferred to the fabric to obtain accurate results to sew a fabric.

Fabric Estimate and Layout:

Welding Shop

Our team of certified welders works diligently to meet codes and specifications, creating quality in the extreme for a wide range. Consistency and precision welds with the right equipment, the right kinds of skills. Our welders not only for their professional ability, but for their devotion to their craft.

The automated fabric and textile cutter is used to plot and cut a wide variety of sewn goods including sails, upholstery, marine canvas, boat covers, apparel, bags, parachutes, and even boat hulls.

Plotter and Cutting Machine

Shop drawings for components and application  conditions of awning units which are fully dimensioned or detailed in product data. Provide sections and details at connections.


We are very grateful to have such knowledgeable and friendly installers to make your Awning experience as pleasant and hassle-free as possible.


We print on a vast assortment of fabrics and garments. We use the highest quality supplies and production equipment to create the look you want, with precise color matching for your existing logo or custom designed lettering, Van Nuys Awning can provide signage for your business.

We provide High-performance, custom-cut vinyl in hundreds of colors, Eradicated graphics for crisp, bright lettering on backlit awnings, screen-printing, hand-painted graphics and Digital printing.

Save Energy Money the Future

Skin Cancer

UV 50+Protection


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